The gold price is however the antithesis of paper money. The last few years have seen gold reaching record levels measured in most emerging economies’ currencies, but languishing against the US dollar. However, growing economic uncertainty could well result in a strong rise on gold against all paper currencies – including the US dollar.

Global aggregate fund flows into the asset class came in at $7.9b over the course of the month, beating an inflow record set during the worst of the GFC during 2008.

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According to Bloomberg, the white metal has risen an impressive 7.8 percent in the last five sessions, and on Tuesday reached $16.23 per ounce on the COMEX in New York — that’s the highest price for a most-active contract in over five months. Meanwhile, an ounce of gold was good for just 77.6271 ounces of silver on Tuesday, the least since February 9.

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    4m composite sampling from reverse circulation Resource definition drilling1 at the Teal gold project return highly encouraging results
    Best preliminary downhole intercepts from within and below the Teal Stage 1 pit design include:

  • 32m @ 24.05g/t Au from 32m (including 4m @ 194.78g/t Au from 44m) – TRC1608
  • 36m @ 2.02g/t Au from 36m (including 24m @ 2.80g/t Au from 40m) – TRC1605
  • 52m @ 2.36g/t Au from 64m (including 12m @ 4.26g/t Au from 64m) – TRC1609
  • 4m @ 7.50g/t Au from 40m – TRC1603
  • 24m @ 2.85g/t Au from 52m (including 4m @ 9.14g/t Au from 72m) – TRC1603

The wild side for IRC is their giant world-class vanadium resource….

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So far in 2016, the SGR has averaged 79.5. In other words, it takes 79.5 ounces of silver to equal the value of a single ounce of gold. Since gold is silver’s dominant driver, these metals’ prices have always been closely related. The SGR quantifies this critical relationship, and is actually an outstanding trading tool. It reveals when silver is undervalued or overvalued relative to gold, ideal times to buy low and sell high. Read article

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Gold 2014 + bull market

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Chinese has a program ‘Storing gold by the people’, but don’t want you to know.

Rumours about this had been running for a number of years. We already knew China wanted the build the ‘largest gold reserves, in the shortest possible time’. But now we know ‘storing gold by the people’ is part of their strategy. Proof of this we found on the website the People’s Bank of China in an China GOLD – interesting Q&A

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Alacer Gold low cash costs 3.7m ounces

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Record gold etf buying

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