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JOHANNESBURG ( – Synchronised global economic growth, shrinking central bank balance sheets, rising interest rates, insubstantial asset prices and market transparency are the trends that will be gold’s best friends in 2018, the World Gold Council said on Tuesday.

These trends, the council said in delivering its outlook for gold in the new year, would maintain gold’s relevance as a strategic asset and with greater transparency ensuring that customers are better served.

Outlining how gold had outperformed all major asset classes except stocks in 2017, the council reported an $8.2-billion inflow into gold-backed exchange-traded funds and a 13.5% gold price rise in dollars, the greatest yearly gain since 2010. In the first three quarters of last year, US jewelry demand hit a seven-year high and China’s consumer demand increased by 12%. Read full article here

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End of USD in sight?

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Gold's seasonality

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USD vs Gold historical chart

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We are pleased to announce that we have been given a place in the Top 70 Gold Blogs & Websites for Gold & Precious Metals Industry Professionals.

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South African Gold Production steady decline

Peak Gold and Silver On “Small Finite Planet” With Near Infinite Currency

Peak gold and silver and the case for peak precious metals on “our small, finite planet” was the topic for discussion on the latest episode of the the Keiser Report.

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Global Copper Capital Intensity

Read about:
ASX: AOH (Roseby/Little Eva)

ASX: TLM (Monty)

Funding for Monty (pdf download)

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Comparision of 5 year performance silver vs gold juniors etf

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Thank you Janet Yellen

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