Before reading the announcement: I hold ASX: IVR and I have no knowledge beyond what they have published. In effect I am just another clown at the circus… But I am a very happy clown..

The Paris Silver Project is the highest-grade undeveloped primary silver project in Australia…

Today’s announcement:
More wide intercepts of high-grade silver from infill drilling at Paris Results include 15.7m @ 1,084g/t Silver

•Further high-grade silver reported from infill drilling in the southern region of the Paris resource
•Results continue to build on the silver grade and mineralisation previously reported south of the Line 1 Indicated Resource zone
•Infill drill program in the southern region focussed on extending Indicated Resource estimate
•Revised resource estimate anticipated before May
•Significant results include: ◦Line 0.25 ◾26m @ 674g/t Silver from 52m in hole PPDH166; including ◾15.7m @ 1,084g/t Silver from 53m

◾31m @ 336g/t Silver from 44m in hole PPRC665 (twin to PPDH166 above); ◾including 22m @ 453g/t Silver from 51m

◦Line 0 ◾20m @ 134g/t Silver from 107m in hole PPRC662; including
◾12m @ 177g/t Silver from 111m

◦Line 0.5 ◾16m @ 261g/t Silver from 94m in hole PPRC520; including ◾14m @ 294g/t Silver from 96m

◾Hole PPRC536: ◾2m @ 191g/t Silver from 82m; and
◾1m @ 116g/t Silver from 87m; and
◾10m @ 144g/t Silver from 104m; including ◾6m @ 211g/t Silver from 104m

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