I have been a so called “gold bug” for almost 30 years. Over that time I have meet only a handful of people who have specialised in Gold investing. Over the last decade it became almost impossible to find a large stock broking firm with a good gold analyst… and I suspect that there still is a dearth of experienced gold analysts available through the major broking houses. True many have recently become “gold experts” , but these newly minted experts don’t seem to have much depth to their knowledge and seem mostly to be trend followers usually unwilling to do the hard research yards. There are notable exceptions: Lodge Partners recently did some excellent in depth gold company research… and if you can beg, borrow or … it you will become well informed quite quickly…. However as I understand it Lodge really only deal with high net wealth individuals and corporations.

WilsonHTM are pretty good and for those that really want good information the http://www.intierra.com/Homepage.aspx database is outstanding.

If you have someone that you know is good with the golds please post a comment or even just email me on [email protected] and I will eventually compile and publish a list.

Happy hunting