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Beadell Gold (ASX: BDR) 100% owner of Tucano, Brazil’s third largest gold mine -update

 100% owner of Tucano, Brazil’s third largest gold mine
 Tucano operation improving – physical operation going well –
better grade in the second half of 2016
 Multi-million ounce gold resource1 with district scale exploration
• Mineral resources 67.2 Mt @ 1.64 g/t for 3.5 Moz1
• Open pit reserves 21.1 Mt @ 1.50 g/t for 1.0 Moz1
• Underground reserves 3.0 Mt @ 3.61 g/t for 345,000 oz1
 Robust LOM open pit plan of at least five years, with additional
underground potential
 Experienced Board and management team aiming to grow to
become an intermediate producer
 CY2016 production forecast of 145,000-160,000 ounces of gold
 CY2016 AISC forecast of between US$715-US$815 per ounce

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